Yoast SEO Settings: How to Setup Advanced Menu (Part-5)

In the previous article, I have already discussed “How to Setup XML Sitemaps of Yoast SEO WordPress plugin?” and How to install Yoast SEO? Today I will teach Yoast SEO Settings: How to Setup Advanced Menu of Yoast SEO (Part-5)

We know that Setup System of Yoast SEO plugin is a long way. So I will discuss the process of Yoest SEO setup as part by part and I am already divided into 7 parts for your advantages. Take a look at these 7 parts below:

  1. Dashboard Setup;
  2. Titles & Metas Setup;
  3. Social Setup;
  4. XML Sitemaps Setup;
  5. Advanced Setup;
  6. Tools Setup;
  7. Search Console Setup;


Advanced Setup

So take a look at the process of Advanced Setup of Yoast SEO Word press Plugin with images.  Let us know more Yoast SEO Settings: How to Setup Advanced Menu of Yoast SEO (Part-5).


1. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs appear in the search result for giving your site extra benefit in the search. But we recommended to Disabled the Breadcrumbs. But if you enabled then adjust settings to your preference and save it. You can learn more about Implement Yoast SEO breadcrumbs.

Yoast SEO Settings

2. Permalinks

Let’s go forward to see what type of features this permalinks tab offers.

  • Change URLs: From the change URLs tab, you can setup the category base link from the category URL. But we recommended selecting “Remove” button. Next features are to enforce attach slash on all category and tag URL. You need to select the redirect button.
  • Clean up Permalinks: In this tab, you can see “Stop words in slug”. You should select Remove button. This may help you to create clean and small URLs by automatically removing the stop words. Stop words is a, the, how and more.
  • The next option on the permalinks page is to remove ?replytoom variable from comment reply links. It disables the links for the users with javascript disabled. Most web crawlers when they visit your site have javascript disabled, so they do not see the URL and can quickly move on. This increases the crawl efficiency particularly if you are running a site with lots of comments. So you can select “Remove” button.
  • Last option is Redirect ugly URLs to clean permalinks option is not needed in most cases. We recommended selecting “No redirect” button for this.

3. RSS

This feature is used to automatically add content to your RSS, more specifically, it’s meant to add links back to your blog and your blog posts, so dumb scrapers will automatically add these links too, helping search engines identify you as the original source of the content.

In the Next article, I will discuss Part-6 (Tools Setup). So stay with us for the next part.If you like these articles (Yoast SEO Settings: How to Setup Advanced Menu of Yoast SEO) then you can share this on your social timelines with your friends and family members for our inspiration.

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