How to Setup tools Menu of Yoast SEO (Part-6)

In the previous article, I have already discussed How to Setup Advanced Menu (Part-5). Today I will teach How to Setup tools Menu of Yoast SEO (Part-6)

We know that Setup System of Yoast SEO plugin is a long way. So I will discuss the process of Yoest SEO setup as part by part and I am already divided into 7 parts for your advantages. Take a look at these 7 parts below:

  1. Dashboard Setup;
  2. Titles & Metas Setup;
  3. Social Setup;
  4. XML Sitemaps Setup;
  5. Advanced Setup;
  6. Tools Setup;
  7. Search Console Setup;


Tools Setup

So take a look at the process of How to Setup tools Menu of Yoast SEO Word press Plugin with images. It is very easy process. ┬áSo, let’s have a look “How to Setup tools Menu of Yoast SEO (Part-6)”.


As you can see that we have spent a good amount of time getting these settings just right, so you probably want to export the settings as Backup (just incase if you accidentally mess things up in the future). You can also export settings to use it as an initial guideline for all of your future sites that you are going to use this plugin on.

How to Setup tools Menu of Yoast SEO

The bulk editor allows you to edit post titles and descriptions in bulk. We do not recommend using it. Duplicate descriptions and titles can cause damage to your SEO.

The other tool is file editor, we strongly urge beginners and even intermediate level users to stay away from these settings. Tiny mistake there can make your site inaccessible for search engines or make it useless.


In the Next article, I will discuss Part-7 (Search Console Setup). So stay with us for the next part.If you like these then you can share this on your social timelines with your friends to our inspiration.

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