How to Setup Social Media in Yoast SEO?: (Part-3)

In the previous article, I have already discussed “How to Setup Yoast SEO Titles & Metas?” in part-2. Today I will teach you How to Setup Social Media in Yoast SEO?

We know that Setup System of Yoast SEO plugin is a long way. So I will discuss the process of Yoest SEO setup in part by part and I am already divided into 7 parts for your advantages. Take a look at this 7 parts below:

  1. Dashboard Setup;
  2. Titles & Metas Setup;
  3. Social Media Setup;
  4. XML Sitemaps Setup;
  5. Advanced Setup;
  6. Tools Setup;
  7. Search Console Setup;


Social Setup

So take a look at the process of Social Setup of Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin with images.  Let us know How to Setup Social Media in Yoast SEO? (Part-3)



After the clicking of social buttons, you can see the Accounts tab. You can also see some blank space of facebook page URL, twitter page URL, Instagram URL, YouTube URL, Googole+ URL and more. Simply you need to put your page URL like here like facebook, twitter, google+ or other pages that you have created for your website. It is needed for to know search engines which social profiles are associated with your site.


How to Setup Social Media in Yoast SEO?




In facebook tab, at first, you can see “Add Open Graph meta data” that you should do enable. It is a need for pickup the page information and images when you share a post from your website. You need to allows your SEO to add facebook by checking open graph metadata in the <head> section of your website. You can skip front page settings, default settings and facebook insights and admins.


You can use twitter cards into you site <head> section. Choose the default card type for use. I recommend choosing “summary with large image”.


Pinterest uses open graph meta data like as facebook. Confirmed that you checked metadata box under facebook settings. Now you need to enter your site verification code that given by Pinterest. Visit your Pinterest account settings to add and verify your website.


After clicking on Google+ tab you can see a blank space of Google Publisher Page. You can add your website google+ pages link here if you have.


In the Next article, I will discuss Part-4 (Yoast SEO XML Sitemaps Setup). So stay with us for the next part.If you like these articles (How to Setup Social Media in Yoast SEO?) then you can share this in your social timelines with your friends for our inspiration.

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