15 Ways to Make Computer Faster: Mac Faster

Nobody likes to use a slow computer. But people don’t know how to Make Computer Faster in various ways. In this issue, I will discuss 15 Ways to make Your Computer Faster for Windows and Mac. So let’s go forward to know how to Make Computer Faster or Mac. (Computer Protection: How to increase your PC Protection)

Make Computer Faster

1. Try to Keep Cool Your System

When your computer Or Mac overworked and overheated then it will slow down your system. For this reason, you need to keep cool your Mac or Computer by the using of the cooling pad.  You can also install Fan Control for Mac and Speed Fan for windows. It will increase the speed of your CPU’s

2. Install a Solid State Drive

You can install a solid state drive that extremely fast your computer. It also increases your startup speed and Make Computer Faster more than previous.

3. Use Disk Clean Up

Windows includes Disk Cleanup that finds out unnecessary large files and temporary files. By the deleting this files you can Make Computer Faster.

You need to Open Start > All Programs > Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup.

4. Use Static IP Address

You need to use a static IP address to Make Computer Faster. To do this, you need to visit the “Network and Sharing Center”, and select “Change adapter settings”. Right, click on your local adapter and select “Properties”.  Then you need to highlight what should be titled Internet Protocol Version 4 and click the properties button.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Sometimes unnecessary software slows down your computer or Mac. So you need to uninstall unnecessary softwares from your computer or Mac. You can see the installed programs in control panel.

For the purpose of deleting unnecessary software open the control panel programs and feature page. See the list of all of your installed software. Uninstall those type programs that you do not need. After uninstalling all unnecessary software restart your PC or Mac and enjoy faster PC more than previous.

6. Clean Hard Drive

Clean up hard drive is the best ways to make your Mac or PC run fast. You should delete your old files from your hard drive. If you are not sure that what types of old files contain your PC then you can use some tools to know about your old file.

Most of the PC comes with pre-installed alternative languages that you don’t use. It takes up your hard drive space. Some programs like Monolingual can delete your unnecessary language and clean your PC or Mac.

Make Computer Faster

7. Remove Folder from Temp File

All temporary file of your Computer store in the temp folder. Most of the time Temporary files gather on your computer through everyday work and it remains on your hard disk. It slows down your computer. It also store internet history and cookies that defect against your computer speed.

To do clean up temp file at first you need to open “My Computer” and select your local drive “Windows”. Now you need to open the temp folder. You can see various types of temporary folder in here. Select the entire folder and click on delete button. After deletion goes to the Recycle Bin on your windows and delete all folders from here. You can get the Temp folder from the start menu. Go to start menu and write run into search space. Write temp and press enter.

Make Computer Faster

8. Update Your Software

Old software slows down your computer. So you need to update your software keep up to date that helps you to everything work better. When you used Mac you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Mac. You can get it from the Mac app store. By the using of the new version, you can make older computers run more efficiently. So take advantages and make your PC faster by the updating your software.

9. Remove Unnecessary startups

Startups system will affect how long it takes for your computer startup. But some programs which launched on startup continue to run and use your PC memory.

To do this you need to click on “Start” and type run in search programs and files. After showing the run tab you just need to type “msconfig” and now press enter. Now you can see startup tab with all the programs that will load upon your computer starting up. Manually you can deselect those programs that you do not want to load or click “Disable All” button and select those you want to run.

Other ways to removing all the unnecessary fonts from windows load. Windows 7 loads more than 200 fonts on startup that slow down your computer. You need to go to the search box of start menus and search font’s folder. Now check all the fonts that you don’t need and click here button.

Make Computer Faster

10. Update Ram

RAM is temporary storage memory that used by your computer. It means Random Access Memory. When you need to do heavy work or contains more files then you need to more Ram space that slows down your computer if you don’t have enough space of RAM.

So you need to add more RAM and you can add more Ram with an extra memory stick. There is no limit of RAM for 64-bit operating system. But most of the people said that 4GB is enough for 64-bit operating system.

11. Spyware and Viruses

This is good and effective ways to scan for virus and spyware per week to Make Computer Faster and Mac. In the present time most up to date version browser capable of detecting malicious website. So visit the website with the most up to date browser. You should aware about clicking any links in your email message. Don’t click on a link or attachment if you can’t see the web address and avoid short link from unfamiliar senders.

12. Run Disk Defragment

This system is complicated. This is a way of reconfiguring how your hard drive stores information.

Just you need to go to “My Computer” and right click on the hard drive and select “Properties” menu. Now press on “Tools” tab and there you can see an option “Defragment Now”

13. Manage Your Browser Tab

When you open unnecessary or more tabs in your browser then it may slow down your computer. So you need to close unnecessary tabs at the time of work. You can use a tab manager browser extension such as OneTab. It can help you to organize your open tab and increase your productivity speed. Don’t for getting to clear your cache.

Make Computer Faster

14. Hoover Out the Dust

Dust is computer enemy. It can obstruct airflow that keeping the temperature of your computer down. If your computer is overheating it will slow down cope with its performance. Overheating will make impossible to use programs such as Skype.

In your desktop or Mac, you can take off the computer’s exterior and use hoover on low power. Try to remove some of the dust. But make sure that your computer switched off for at least 30 minutes. All cable should be disconnected before starting your clean. Use your hover with small attachment and try to reverse setting to blow air into the vents. Now push the dust out or use standard suction try to extract dust.

15. Restart Computer

When you are having trouble then restart your computer. Restart gives fresh start and clears up any memory leakage fact. It Makes Computer Faster and your Mac.


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