Dear Zindagi: Is it copy from TV series ?



Dear Zindagi of Gauri Sindera has entered the picture 100 core clubs in just 9 days. Movie story has been much appreciated. But the film has been brought recently against allegations of cheating. According to the prosecution, Dear Zindagi copy from the Canadian TV series has been forged.

Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan acting in this movie.  Direction come from film production company which is Dharma production company. The current owner of this production is Karen Johar. Hindi version of the film with the permission of the company in the past two foreign built. But the 37-year-old was the first time the company was accused of cheating in a legal notice. Dear Zindagi is copy from “Bing Erika’’ math which is a Canadian TV series, the story is the same with the alleged authority of the series.

Watch Dear Zindagi: You can watch here this Dear Zindagi movie. Here is the Link of Dear Zindagi.

Gauri Sandra, however, has said a word; he is not so stupid that he copy other people’s pictures. In the Dear Zindagi film Shah Rukh Khan, and Alia Bhat acting as a therapist.

About a copy of the complaint to the “Gauri” said, “Dear Zindagi not duplicate movie and it is was made from my life experiences. Some of those parts could go along with any other movie. A Canadian TV sires of  woman and a psychologist does not mean having to copy a movie from this TV series. ”

Gauri’s claimed that he has never saw this Canadian TV series before. “Mehta”, chief executive officer of Dharma production said that, “This news is not true, it is totally fake. We have not received any legal notice.

Now the question is whether the movie was copy from Canadian Hindi Sires or not.  You need to Being with us for next update. Then you will get the next update.



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