Dangal of Amir Khan: In the Way to History Making

“Dangal” which is the actress by Amir Khan. At the before starting time of the shooting was discussed. After the release of this film is being discussed. It was released on December 3.  And on the day of the release of the film, it was published in online. But the incident did not affect his business at all. 106 corer 95 lakh income for the third day of the release of this film.

On the third day before the release of Bollywood films, only 5 were able to enter the 100 corer club. That is the Dhoom-3  films,  Prem Ratan Dhanpayo, Happy New Year, Bajarangi Bhaijan and Sultan.


Here is the Officail Trailer of Dangal flim

“Dangal”  released in 4 thousand and 500 in India and more 1000 in world hall “Dangal”. The first day of release, the film has earned 29 core  70 lakh,  34 corer 8 lakh for the second day. Yesterday was the third day of the release on Sunday, a public holiday in India and  Christmas day. Earlier in the day and this image is seen more and more visitors. In the last days, “Dangal”  income of Rs 42 crore 35 lakh, the income from this drawing is really amazing. The rest of the days of the week, when revenue grosses more than 20 cores then the film of Nitesh Tiwari “Dangal” take place into 300 corers directed to the income level of the film! And then go up to the top 2016 highest income film, “the name of “Dangal”.

At the end of the year, and the biggest day that Amir Khan is going to kill, it’s, of course, a lot of box office analysts said could anticipate.

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